Reclaimed Mahogany Cheeseboards
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Reclaimed Mahogany Cheeseboards

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Our cheeseboards are made from quality mahogany wood locally sourced from fallen trees. The timber were sent to local sawmill facilities for drying to ensure stability in the wood. Each slab usually dried for 1 to 2 years before they can be use for furniture or product manufacturing. A well stabilised timber is particularly suited for our humid climate as it is less likely expand and warp. Every piece of cheese board is made entirely by hand and customised to our client's needs. The boards are sanded to fine grit to ensure a smooth surface for food placement. Natural teak oil is applied to the timber to bring out a vibrant wood tone and the final product is finished with food safe beeswax before it is ready for serving food on.

 Dimensions:  300mm x 200mm x 25mm
Comes with free engraving and greeting card.
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