Metal + Woodworking Day Pass
The Cage At Tengah

Metal + Woodworking Day Pass

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Metal + Woodworking Day Pass with Ask Tony and Triple Eyelid Studio

Looking for a workshop space for combination of metal and woodworking to complete your project? 
We are providing 1 to 1 consultation guidance on your first day.

Consultation with guidance of project: $80 per hour, capped at $320 per day. Inclusive of 2 Hour mandatory safety briefing and equipment introductory for both.

$80 day pass only (second visit)

Storage space available as per request base on project: $40 per 4'x 8' 

From: 11.00pm to 5.30pm 

Consumables available for purchase:
Metal Workshop | Welding rod $0.30, Grinding Disc $3.00, Flap Sander (4 inch) $3.50, Gas for Mini Forge $18.00 

Woodworking Workshop | A4, Sand Paper $1.00, Scroll Saw blade $3.00, Jigsaw Blade $5.00,  Bench Saw Blade $60

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